Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kromfohrländer -what's that?

"Kromfohrländer is one of the newest German dog breeds (registered in 1955) and it is quite rare in Finland. Kromfohrländer is a medium-sized, very intelligent and active companion and housedog." says text in official website of the Finnish Breed Association for Kromfohrländer. KLIK!

Kromis are quite interesting dogs. Very beautiful but not so easy to handle with. They are truly familydogs and love their own family. Problem is that there are other people in world too. So you need to learn to be a part of this outside world too. In Finland we call this "socialization".

Kromis have some breed diseases like epilepsy, digital hyperkeratose
and hereditary cataract. Some info in German.

Many kromfohländers compete in agility and are very good at it. They are fast and like to jump. Even if it isn't quite necessary.

About us

I have three dogs. Onni is glen of imaalterrier. He's 6 years old. Amanda and Kuje are kromfohrländers. Amanda is 3 years and Kuje 11 months old. I live in Finland city called Tampere. I live with roommate, who has also dog. Leela is miniature pinscher. My boyfriend has mixed dog Elmeri. So there are lot of dogs in my life.

Elmeri, Kuje, Onni and Amanda

I write Finnish blog about my dogs. I made a new year promise to write
blog in English too. So I try to write something. And I apologized that
my English is not so good. Hope you understand.