Saturday, February 2, 2013

Agility training

Kui and Piu

We trained agility yesterday. Just celebrating that heats started. It would be hard that soon they have to take break from agility. I am not sure if it's harder to me or to Pila, because she is really agility-addict. (And so am I ;) ) Kuje will be fine. She is more calm, and even that she do love agi, she is not so crazy as Pila is.

I ask my friend to take same videos, so here are Kuje and Pila training with me. There is more (older) agility-videos in my training blog, but text is only in Finnish. I am not so good handler, so I did made some mistakes with both dogs, but they were really great. :)

Kuje (video)
Pila (video)

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