Saturday, February 2, 2013

Double puppy plans

Pila is a co-owned bitch. That means that she will make one litter to kennel Kipazin. We have planned to make it last year, but she has cough and we have to delay it. We made new plans with Kipa and decided that we try to make two litters at the same time, one with Pila and Frank, and other with Pila's mom Kuje and Manne.

Pila and Kuje

Breeder of both litters is Kipa from kennel Kipazin, so if you are interested about litters, please ask more information from her. I know there is some people from other countries (than Finland) who are interested of thise litters, so I try to make some posts in English.

Both girls started their heat yesterday (1.2.2013). Let's see what happens :) 

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